Service Excellence






As an organization that embraces the pursuit of Service Excellence, SPCWD always aims for optimum results and quality solutions. It is distinguished by intelligent, values-oriented decision making and uncompromising workmanship.


SPCWD believes in promoting dignity at work which translates to Professionalism. It inculcates the value of skill and training, the Importance of productivity and responsibility, the substance of self-respect and proper decorum.


SPCWD is driven by its Commitment to serve the community. It is steered by its mandate to provide adequate, safe, and affordable water to the constituents of the City.


SPCWD is continuously evolving. It cannot allow itself to be static. And, in its quest to perform its mandate it has encountered its share of success… and failures too. But what matters most is its ability to discern through these myriad of experiences, events and circumstances and not lose sight of its goals. That is Wisdom.


SPCWD adheres to Discipline, the kind that is not coerced but is born out of awareness of one’s role and worth in the organization.